Backup and Download WordPress Database


You need to backup and download wordpress database if you plan to:

  1. Move your wordpress blog from existing hosting to new hosting
  2. Secure your wordpress blog from database corrupt

In both cases, you need to backup your wordpress MySQL database.

If you are familiar on how to backup and recover MySQL database, then you may try your methods before follow this tutorials.

I’ve done a step-by-step screenshots tutorials on how you can backup MySQL database for WordPress that using cPanel, myPhpAdmin. I hope you find it useful.

First, login to your cPanel that comes together with your web host.

Click on the myPhpAdmin

myPhpAdmin Login

Select Your Database from your drop-down list that you want to backup and download.

If you install you WordPress blog using Fantastico, your wordpress database will be looked like this _wrdpX, X is the number of database if you have more than one WordPress blog.

If you want to check if it’s correct database for your WordPress blog that you would like to backup, you may check at the wp-config.php file within the installation domain.


Then click on the “Export” after you’ve selected your WordPress database

Export Database

You will come to this screen as below, make sure it’s:

  • SQL is selected
  • Add AUTO INCREMENT value
  • Enclose table and file names with backquotes
  • Use hexadecimal for binary field

The check the “Save as file” checkbox

Wordpress Database Save As

Select which type of compression is you prefer. I would save all these 3 types.

Click “Go”

There will be a pop up window, just save the files.

This conclude How to Backup and Download WordPress Database

** This work for me, backup and download on your own risk.


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