WordPress Cutline Theme Sitemap and Archives Fix

Cutline Theme Fix

The WordPress Cutline theme has some well know sitemap and archives ‘problems’ for me, until I figured out how to troubleshoot on this.I have to admit that I’m not a WordPress pro, and it took me some time to figure out what’s the fix and solution. I hope I may help most of the people out there that have the same difficulties as me.

After trying to figure the solution from the WordPress theme Cutline at the author’s article of Cutline Problems, Q&A Part 1 I still couldn’t find out the answer. So I created this screenshot tutorials here just to help those having same problems as mine.

Here’s how it works:

The author has included the 2 files with the WordPress theme itself when you downloaded Cutline.

After the installation and activation of Cutline, what you have to do is to create 2 new pages, which are sitemap and archives, then follow the tutorials at Cutline Problems, Q&A Part 1 on how to change the header to display your ‘sitemap’ and ‘archives’ links.

Most of us miss the following important steps that make them works:

When you are creating your ‘sitemap’ or ‘archives’ page, please make sure that you select the page template from the drop down list on you right hand panel as follows:


The WordPress theme Cutline problems, sitemap and archives should be working fine then.


  1. Thank you so much for this information! I spent hours troubleshooting this problem and following the instructions given in the author’s fix. Unfortunately, nothing worked. Spent 1 minute implementing your fix and voila, I now have working Archives and Sitemap! Kudos to you for making one part of the world a better place.

  2. Just what I was looking for — thanks! (Not that I didn’t like seeing that cute little dog in the default 404 page heading, but still…)

  3. For some reason, I have two About pages….

    I couldn’t get the main about page to show up, so I created a second about page…and the actual default about page shows an error…

    Buy my archive pages work?

    Thanks much!


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