WordPress Chinese Characters are Not Shown Properly


I’ve setup this blog since some time ago but never write anything using Chinese words. As I’m preparing to change another Joomla website to WordPress, I tried to write some Chinese Characters on this blog, to check if it’s working fine, unfortunately I only got the question marks (????) after saving the posts.

Every single Chinese words and characters on the post and title turn into ??? except the URL.

wordpress chinese characters question marks

This wordpress system was setup automatically using the HostGator built-in Fantastico, it’s an easy software that can setup a blog in just 1 minute, however sometimes problem could occurs, such as the utf8 unicode that’s not working.

Fortunately I found a way to solve this issue.

This is the way I troubleshooted the WordPress’s post and title Chinese characters not showing problem:

1. If you have several wordpress setup automatically using this method then you got to be careful on this. You need try to find out which database of your wordpress website or blog. One of the methods is using FTP software (In this case, I’m using Filezilla). Login to your website using the FTP, go to the domain root, and find the wp-config.php. Transfer this file to your computer.

2. Open the file using word editor, search for this line:

/** The name of the database for WordPress */ 

Below this line, you’ll see the line below:

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘YourCpanelLoginName_YourWordpressDatabaseName’);

3. Once you know your wordpress database name, then you may login into the cpanel of your website.  Now we need to access your database. The simple way is to use PhpMyAdmin. Open PhpMyAdmin, click on the database (YourWordpressDatabaseName) on the left navigation panel.

4. On the right side, it’s the list of the database’s tables. These tables store your website information, each table hold a particular information, such as comments, posts, links, and some other plugins’ data.


5. Since we need to make sure WordPress comments to support Chinese characters. Then we click on the Structure of the “wp_comments” table.


6. Once we are in the table of “wp_comments“, then click on the “Change” of the comment_author and change the Collation to utf8_unicode_ci. Make sure you click “Save” once you’ve changed it. Then, repeat these steps for comment_content in the wp_comments. Make both of them are utf8_unicode_ci. Now we are done for comments.

wordpress wp_comment wp_post utf8_unicode_ci to support chinese

7. Then repeat this for the table of wp_post. Just make sure both of the wp_comment and wp_post are changed. In this step, we are trying to make sure that Post Title and Post Content are supporting Chinese unicode as well.

Then it solves the problem of Chinese words and characters not showing properly in wordpress.



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