Register a Domain Name


What is a domain name?

Domain name is the URL you key-in in the address bar of your browsers (internet explorer, mozilla firefox, opera…. ) For example, is my domain. Your domain name maybe looked like this, usually in the format of

The first step of building your website is get a domain name

  • If you need a fancy name like your name, eg. Micheal Schumacher, then you can get a domain name like www.
  • If you prefer to save budget, you may get a free sub domain with some reputable company like, your domain will look like this

As for now, the domain is rather cheap, and I would like to suggest you to get you own domain name. If you do, then I would suggest you to register your domain name with a reputable domain registrar (a company that help you to register your domain name)

You may know that there’re quite some numbers of registrars around the world, but I would suggest you to register with GoDaddy , the world largest domain registrar. It has a very good GUI for you to manage your domain; and the most importantly, you may get a discount from GoDaddy from time to time. There’s actually different GoDaddy discount coupons that you may find on the internet if you try to google for “godaddy discount coupon”. You may get very cheap domains as low as $6.95.

Other than GoDaddy, another reputable domain registrar is Similar to GoDaddy, this company also provide you good bargain. Try to find discount coupon for namecheap when you’re registering you own domain name.

OK. I think that’s enough for now. Remember, register your own domain today is the first step for your internet journey.


  1. GoDaddy
  2. NameCheap



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