How to Move WordPress Blog to New Webhosting?


Moving WordPress blog from a webhosting to another webhosting account maybe troublesome if you do not know how to do it.I was quite worried to move my wordpress blog from another hosting account to the other as I’m not sure if my data would be corrupt or loss.

After searching around the internet for quite some time, I took the risk and move my blog my

Here I’m going to share with you how I move my wordpress blog using the step-by-step screenshot as I’m quite disappointed failing to search for this kind of complete information on the internet. Fortunately I have a great 24×7 support from my webhosting company, Exabytes even it’s weekend.

Before moving your wordpress blog, please generate a full backup of your data using cPanel.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial on how I move my wordpress blog:

  • Step 1: Upgrade WordPress using cPanel

If you’re using Fantastico in installing your WordPress blog, please make sure that you have upgraded your blog before you switch your hosting.


  • Step 2: Download all Necessary Files

Download all the files needed from your old hosting account. You need these files to be uploaded to your new host. Usually I’ll use a FTP client like Filezilla to do it.

I downloaded my images folders, wp-content, wp-includes.

images: I save all my images here
wp-content: Consists of themes, plugins, and uploaded files such as images
wp-includes: I have certain .js files which is needed for my plugins are here

Download File Using Firefox

  • Step 3: Backup and Download WordPress Database

Download your wordpress database from your cPanel.

It’s recommended to download using myPhpAdmin, please refer to my article Backup and Download WordPress Database.

  • Step 4: Change Domain Name Server (DNS)

Now you got to login to your domain name registrar’s control panel, find for the DNS setting and change the DNS of old web hosting account to new web hosting DNS.

For example, the DNS may looked like this:

Please be reminded that the changes might be one or two minutes for the registrar to update the DNS. However, the DNS cache may take 2 to 3 days for updating.

Despite this, your email may not work until the DNS is fully propagated.

  • Step 5: Install Your WordPress

Install your WordPress blog on your web host server on your domain or as add-on domains.

You may check on my article on Install WordPress In 1 Minute (coming soon).

This should be a new installation after you’ve set your domain name in your web host server.

** Important: Write down your database name for your new WordPress installation.
This is required for the later step.

  • Step 6: Upload Files Using FTP Client

Now upload all the files that you downloaded from Step 2 from your PC to your hosting server using FTP client such as Filezilla.

If it’s asked if you would like to overwrite the files, simply click “Yes” or “OK”, the old files will be uploaded and overwrite the newly installed WordPress files.

Do not replace the wp-config.php file as this file consist of the configurations on how your newly installed WordPress is connected to your WordPress database

  • Step 7: Upload Your WordPress Database

Now upload your database, you may need to check my article on Upload and Overwrite WordPress Database

In this step, you’re uploading your old database to overwrite a the newly installed database. This will make sure the new database name is still in used. So, your wp-config.php remain as it’s still connected to the same database name, however the table (contents) of the databases are updated.

  • Step 8: Check your New WordPress Blog

Go to command, then Ping your URL to check if it’s pinging to the new hosting IP address to confirm DNS is updated.

At the browser address bar, simple enter your URL and check if it’s working.

Moving WordPress to Another Hosting is as simply as this.

** The article is served to help you. If you do not confident in moving your wordpress blog, please check with your new webhost to check if they can help you. Move WordPress to new hosting at your own risk.


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