Malaysia Bank for Adsense Cheque with Low Transaction Fees


If you’re an Adsense publisher in Malaysia, you may wonder which bank offer the lowest rate for adsense cheque clearance.

It will be very hurt if your hard earned money from adsense is heavily charged with bank transaction fees

Fortunately there are ways to minimize your bank transaction fees if you know how…

After googling, I found out the article Best Malaysia Bank to Deposit Adsense Cheque from LiewCF is very useful but there’s one bank that is not in the comparison list, which I hope it will be useful for you.

There was once I noticed that Adsense cheque is issued from Citibank, without hesitation I went to the citibank branch and check if it’s cheaper if I bank in a US cheque.

In order to clear US cheque (adsense), this is transaction fees incurred:

Transaction charges: RM10
Postage fees: RM2.50
Actual amount you may get in RM = Exchange rate on that day – transaction charges – postage fees

Comparing this with other banks, bank in your Google Adsense cheque with citibank is quite a good deal.

Hope this would help.


  1. Hi I am using CIMB to clear my Adsense check. The transaction fee is the same as what you mentioned above. The best thing is the fee is fixed and it doensn’t depend on the amount of money you want to clear.


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