How SEO Can Help AirAsia Conquer the World


You may already know AirAsia from newspaper, signboards, or radios. They have a superb marketing team planning for the strategies to compete and capture the airlines market share in this competitive industry using the so-called conventional offline marketing. Being a Malaysian, I’m really proud of this company achievement in such a short time. Most importantly I could fly to most of the countries at very low fares.

Perhaps Tony Fernandes is trying to promote AirAsia as the low-cost carrier at the international level by sponsoring William F1 (Formula 1 team) and Manchester United, this is a great efforts, but much more can be done, especially in the online marketing part.

For example:
1. OPSEO (On Page SEO) – No meta information. If there is a meta description added in such a way like “Low cost airline that everyboday can affort to fly from Indonesia to …. ” for AirAsia Indonesia portal, this would definitely capture the traffic of “low cost airline” keyword when people are trying to search from Indonesia.

2. OFFPAGE SEO – There are more keywords can be done to get more traffic when people are trying to search for the terms such as “low cost carrier“, “low fare airlines“, “cheap air ticket to Malaysia” and much more you may think of, especially for the long tail. If it is fully optimized, the traffic that comes from search engine will be tremendous.

Considering the corporate brand name of AirAsia, the backlinks below show that this is very insignificant.

AirAsia BackLinks

3. There are much more techniques which I can’t list down all here, for example, online advertising, social bookmarking, etc.
If the online marketing is improved, I’m sure that the traffics are not from these countries only. There should have more traffic from other countries.

Low Cost Airlines Competition AirAsia Analysis

From the traffic, it seems that AirAsia is loosing its traffic to JetStar.  If AirAsia would like to conquer the world and stay #1 as the low cost airline, then SEO is one of the big part.


  1. I need to incorporate some of the techniques you describe to promote my network. Thanks again for another very informative post.


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