6 Ways to Avoid The Spammers!


Are you getting frustrated on hundreds of spamming messages floating through your mailboxes daily? Mee too. These spammers or scammers are getting more advance now compared to last time. They have getting many ways trying to be friend with us.

All of us are trying to stop spamming, trying different spam blocker, spam filter, anti-spam firewall or what-so-ever solutions, yet forget the basic things that each of us can do that create a better internet world for ourselves.

There are many ways that we can actually protect ourselves, friends or families in getting into the spammers traps that trying to set us up daily. These are how we can do:

1. Email / Attachment Forwarding
Please do not forward email to your friends and family that have the intention to ask you forward to others. Most of them have a little notes at the end of the email, the examples are such as:

  • I believe you have enjoyed the Conversation . . . and if so .. . You’ll probably want your Friends / Colleagues to enjoy the same . . . won’t you? Forward them to Increase their Knowledge . . .
  • … much more

and this end up tonnes of your friends’ email for in the list to forward the email / message….

Good Source of Emails for Email Harvesters
Good Source of Emails for Email Harvesters

Whenever you want to forward the emails to someone you love and care, mail them by BCC. If you’re just blindly forward the mails, you’re just another “Hand of God” that being used by the spammers to help them circulate the message and harvest the emails.

2. Friendly Messages from IM Friends
Almost everybody is using IM now, it doesn’t matter which one you’re using, Yahoo MessengerMSN Messenger, or Google Talk or Skype… you probably may find the kind messages from your friends asking you to go to certain websites.. or just drop you a “Hey sexy” message..

At first I found it is quite weird that my friends called me “Sexy” or referring me to drug website. End up i realize it’s just the spammers “hijacking” my friends ID and send out redundant messages to promote a websites (eg. drug) or hope that you’ll reply then capture your ID (hence your email).

Yahoo Instant Messenger Spamming
MSN Instant Messenger Spamming
Yahoo Instant Messenger Spamming
Yahoo Instant Messenger Spamming

Don’t be fool by these spamming techniques. Do not reply or visit the site. Just ignore that messages and stay away from that.

Recently Yahoo Messenger has came out with the idea of reporting the ID as spammer as you can see from the picture above. Great work!

3. Email on Website / Blog

Blogging is popular now. If you have a blog or website. Do not publish your email address on the blog/site. There are smart email harvesting robots used by email harvesters to explore the internet and harvest email addresses that enclosed with @.

If you can’t avoid showing your email address to your visitors, then try to use an image (JPG, PNG, etc.) without ALT tag, or use any human understandable identification or simply to use java scripts. Another good option is use a “contact form”

By using these techniques, you definitely can reduce your spamming messages from reaching your mailbox.

4. Email Title Seduction (eg. Prize Winning)

Be careful when you receive an email saying that you’ve won XX prize or $$ and ask you to visit a link. The spammers are try to verify the existence of the email addresses. When you click through that link, you’re just telling the them that this is an valid email address. This allows the spammers keep spamming you by sending you ads and redundant information.

5. Lucky Draw / Free Gifts / Goodies by Referrals.

Is it really Free Gifts?
Is it really Free Gifts?

I’m not sure if you’ve came through this before. My friends was sending me mail that is actually referring me to a website, hopefully I’ll just sign up with the website and referring my other friends to sign up in order to receive a lucky draw or win a prize after a number of referrals.

Do you think people will give you free gifts that worth hundreds of dollar by referring them some subscribers or giving them your email addresses? If it is so true that everybody on the internet is talking about this, is it worth risking your personal email to get that stuffs? If you would like to try out. Then simply sign up a new “Ghost” mail account, and try to refer to other new emails.

If you have received your gift by referrals, please let me know, and how many emails you have been receiving since then.

6. Subscriptions for Site Access (Download or Porn sites)

“Want an access to the website? Simple provide us your email address and we’ll send you the information on how to get that”. Sound familiar?

Mostly you’ll see this at a porn site, an access to some information that you need. If you would like to sign up to receive free information, then make sure that you can unsubscribe anytime whenever you need, otherwise use a disposable email address for this purpose. Never hesitate to sign up a new email, it won’t cost you a single cent.


  1. spam blockers are really needed these days because you will always get spam from e-mails and on your facebook account too.:*:


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